The Importance of Asphalt Maintenance

Keeping your asphalt pavement in good condition is essential to the overall aesthetics of your property. In addition, it adds value and curb appeal to your home or business. Taking the time to do regular maintenance ensures the longevity of your asphalt surface. It also prevents problems from arising.

One of the most common causes of pavement degradation is water. It seeps into the base course, causing depressions in the pavement. This also affects the load-bearing capacity of the pavement. Potholes are also a result of water accumulation in the pavement. For more information about this, visit:

Another common cause of pavement degradation is a fuel leak. This can result in slick spots and oil spots on the asphalt. It is important to clean these areas with primer. A seal coating may be applied to protect the asphalt surface from deterioration. It also helps protect the asphalt from the sun and elements. It will help to reduce the costs associated with maintaining the asphalt surface in the long term.

Asphalt maintenance is also essential for ensuring the safety of drivers and pedestrians. Cracks and potholes on asphalt pavement can cause major hazards. They can also result in major structural damages. The cost of repairing large cracks or potholes can be high. Fortunately, asphalt patching is a simple and cost-effective solution to many minor asphalt issues.

Crack sealing is a process that involves cleaning the cracks and replacing them with water-resistant material. This process should be performed by a professional asphalt sealcoater. Sealing prevents water from percolating into the cracks, which can cause deterioration and cracks to expand. It is also important to seal cracks to prevent water from freezing and expanding.

When the cracks become too large, it may be necessary to remove the cracks and replace the asphalt. This may involve removing the entire pavement or resurfacing it. However, if the cracks are less than 3/8 in. wide, it may be possible to fill them with a patch.

Another common problem that affects asphalt is the presence of vegetation. Vegetation provides moisture to the asphalt surface, but it can also cause cracking. In addition, it can push the asphalt up. Depending on the amount of vegetation, the pavement may need to be resurfaced or removed. Occasionally, a root system may even be the cause of cracking.Click to learn more about asphalt maintenance.

The most important step in asphalt maintenance is to prevent deterioration from occurring. By performing preventive maintenance, you can prevent the occurrence of costly Corrective Maintenance issues. It also helps to maintain the integrity of your driveway. It is important to inspect your asphalt pavement weekly. This includes visual inspections. It is also important to remove any debris that may have settled in the asphalt.

Small cracks that appear on the asphalt surface are often the first signs of a deeper problem. These cracks should be repaired before they become potholes. In some cases, these cracks are actually invisible cracks that have emerged beneath the asphalt surface. The resulting potholes are hazardous and can lead to further deterioration of the asphalt. Check out this link: for a more and better understanding of this topic.
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